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Android is one of the most user-friendly smartphone operating systems in the world. Android provides a lot more flexibility, functionality, and freedom of choice. Android phones are very easy to use anyone can, anyone can use it not much of knowledge is needed to use it, and the interface is very intuitive and accessible, still if one has any problems then Google Assistant is always there to help, all you need to say is “Hey Google” there comes your assistant it can make a call, send a message or email, play some videos or songs, set a reminder or open an app, etc.

Android has some very useful features like much easier connectivity among phones making the file transfer a very easy process, and the best thing about the Android is that it has applications for every need with many choices, the user can decide on any app based on the reviews, rating and the downloads shown in the Google Play.

Think, when you buy a new android smartphone, get it out of the box, peel the plastic cover of the phone(favorite part) and when you finally turn it on, everyone feels the “Wow the user interface looks really good“, that’s obvious because it’s new. 

And then, after some time that new smartphone excitement goes down, you become tired of that very same interface, and that’s when everyone starts to think about tweaking their Android phone. 

Since Android has a lot of applications available online, it can be considered as one of the most tweakable operating systems. There are more and more apps coming to Google Play every day to give the users more choices to customize their smartphones as they wish and make it look, feel, and act differently.

It won’t give you the same feeling as getting a new smartphone, but it might prevent you from spending some considerable amount of cash on the latest to get that same getting it out of the box feeling.

Android tweaking can make your phone feel fresh, but once you feel it, you will start digging deep to tweak it more and more try something new.

The tweaking starts with picking up the right launcher, use the best theme after searching through the list for a long long time and select the best icon packs, carefully selecting the background that suits the icons.

Sometimes users don’t stop there; they want to tweak it entirely so, they install custom ROMs from other developers by rooting Android devices.

If you want to experience the full potential of Android and play around with full-scale tweaking, yes, you’ll need to root. However, rooting is dangerous, so it’s best avoided if you don’t want to risk freezing your device. 

Well, in my case, I love everything black so, I turn on the dark mode, use black wallpaper, select a small icon pack and try to keep everything minimal so that it doesn’t affect the performance or the battery backup.

Well if you also spend hours tweaking your Android phone to make it look according to your mood, you have come to the right place — TweakAndroid — here we will show you some of the best customizations — which will improve your devices user interface and performance — you can do to your Android phone according to your desire. 

So don’t waste your time going through each and every customization app available there.  

Happy tweaking!

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